Here I am! I introduce myself. I am Tiziana and I am madly in love of these beautiful creatures: the Persian cats.
My story is similar to that of many people! Many people that, in a darkness moment of their life, have had the good luck to meet these little angels. I am not exceeding, believe me, if I say that I owe them my rebirth! Their affection, their sweetness with their undoubted charm feline, helped me to stand up from the ground. For them, I have faced and conquered my fears. Slowly I started my participation in the feline world and in the shows. And I have met new and beautiful people. My little angels share with me and my husband the house and all daily moments. In the evening, we sleep between their purrs. All this love need to be repaid, giving them a lots of kisses, then kisses and... why not..thousand kisses!
Becouse of this, the name of my cattery.
And now, some thanks:
To my great friend Cinzia,for entrusting me with her beautiful "Toltechi", for her kindness and patience to resolve my doubts, and for answering to my endless questions!
To Luciana Mattioli for her fabulous "Marilù" and for her irreplaceable advice.
To Irene and Francesco, Aurora Design, for the development of this cool website and for the patience to wait for my decisions.
And "dulcis in fundo" to my great husband who patiently share my passion and allows the feline invasion in our house.

... at this point, enjoy all!